Born Montréal, Québec, Canada. His first major competition in poetry:  "Humanitas International, 1994", garnered him "5th Place, World - Free Verse Poetry" for Yuppie Dragons and Paper Mountains.  This award launched him into the development and oversight (Adjudication too) of all 15 "Mattia International Poetry Competitions" that appeared on the website.  The website was launched in the summer of 2000 and drew more than 500,000 hits since - due largely to the international contest he hosted and judged.  This also promoted a large viewership in his "Patio-Poetry ©" site, last count at near 380,000 since 2000.

Further noteworthy accomplishments include: A publishing house in London, England, had requested and was granted permission to print
"Alone", resulting in Gerry's first publication in Europe; Permission was granted for the publication of "Life" in China (Translated into Mandarin by the poet, Anna Yin); The poem “Diana” was recognized and published on the first-year anniversary of Princess Diana’s passing, in the 'Vancouver Province'.

Aside from numerous awards, and a bit of a pause in posting new items online, Gerry has not stopped writing and is excited to release his new works (Reaching back to over the past eight years). . . screenwriting continues to be a pursuit.

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