Across the room. . .

I watched you walk with the charm of night by your side and stand with the grace of ballet
A wind that touched no one else moved through your hair to carry your fragrance through the air

Suddenly. . . a laugh and tinkle of ice in a glass
The untimely interruption of a friend.

Now all is left to the chemist whose performance is not unlike the lingering night
Sounds aloft now waft like dust in a sunny, Sunday room

Suddenly... a tap on the back
The untimely interruption of a friend

A repositioning of the feet to anyone in your direction, the convenience of conversation
A glass stemmed in a caress not far below lips in a smile I wish to understand

Suddenly... a hello from someone long ago
The untimely interruption of a friend

Another quick glance past tables and chairs, edges and lines that draw me there
A revealing rise of breath, under subtle shoulders brought together with perfumed, necklace grace

Suddenly... a business-like goodnight
The untimely interruption of a friend

It's no wonder Van Gogh left shadows alone and Monet painted blue
After all, creation and admiration require attention and timely disruptions my friend

© Gerry Mattia 2024
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