I was the sunshine that cradled your day
that tried to push the clouds away
I was the sand that ran between your toes
when you were four years old
that soon became the rain you danced in
from seven to eleven
And I watched you grow in the glow
of a moon that beamed
when you turned thirteen
How unfair you thought I'd become
when you turned twenty-one
because you lost a few dreams
But I stayed awake when you were out late
I was the stars 'til you turned twenty-eight
And when you found your love
"the one"
I was glimmer in the eye, the blue sky, the sun
Then you turned thirty-one
I became cloud, thunder and shower
there weren't enough minutes to put in your hour
You forgot how to dance in the rain
'til you turned forty all you did was complain
Then you took off your shoes
and went back to the sand
I was now the warmth of your child's hand
At forty-three
you spent more time with me
you began
to understand
And when you stood fifty years old
you stayed warm to me even though
at times I was cold
How close we grew
when you turned sixty-two
The breeze was I
that hung your grandchild's kite in the sky
And I'm sorry I made you sad
when I took "the one" away
But I was proud
when you pushed aside that cloud
and cradled 'me' in the sun
for the remainder of our day

© Gerry Mattia 2024
© “Patio Poetry” 2000 - 2024