the end (-in colour)

he said

he invented

a fourth primary color

and i laughed

he described it as if

he had seen it

many times before

including a tinge of disbelief that no one believed him

i asked

"how would anyone be able to see it?"

he said, “we see it all the time in the black-and-white movies”

i asked

what would you name the colour

without hesitation he replied, “thend”

as if it were a Crayola crayon that had been around since the 90’s

i truly love his conviction

and i am certain

he believes he will one day invent it

i ask

“why thend?”

his seven-year-old voice

with clarity, and certainty, tells me

“… ‘cause dad, those are the two words on the screen when the cartoon is over”

i am wrong

he’s already invented it

© Gerry Mattia 2024
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